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Project 401

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"We are the life of the party!"


Ask Us about our Summer Program


- set a HipHop base and standard through Foundation,Tradition and Legacy


- to create a production group for showcases and coordination through art, dance, music, entertainment  for the schools events and special gatherings, etc.


- the idea is to use our community experience in production and have our students in our program partner, colab, co host and host the schools Entertainment base along with those already putting a foot forward on this.


-  lastly would love to be more involved in Video making, performances and arts. and we are open to do this through program collaborations towards the ending showcases or project goals.




The Break Through! seeing a student break through the understanding of what we are teaching. Capturing and seeing them take initiative in ideas and routine through collaborative efforts. Every class is a new obstacle and every student is uniquely learning on their own paste and feel. its amazing to see them turn nothing into something adding their own style and charecter then having fun putting it all their moves and grooves together for the school and peers to see!

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