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Our Philosophy

We believe students will thrive if we create a more personalized school experience for them with small group, individualized instruction that takes place in a small school setting where each student is known by all. Students will engage in a book rich environment where they’ll learn to love reading, expressing themselves, helping others, and problem solving. We also believe that teaching students to set goals, work hard, meet challenges, and help others will lead them to success in school and in life.

Our Founding Group

The founding group for Southside Elementary Charter School consists of educators and community members who have a broad degree of experience working with children and with organizations that serve South Providence. They include:


Dan Corley, Head of Community Prep School

Antoinette Gomes, Director of Rhode Island College Unity Center

Eileen Hayes, Chief Executive Officer of Amos House

Lela Morgan, Vice President of Academic Affairs at Community College of Rhode Island

Carmen Rodriguez, Teacher in the Providence Public Schools

Delia Rodriguez-Masjoan, Community Advocate

Judith Ryan, Director of Education at Community Prep School

Francisco Velasquez, Sixth Grade Teacher at Community Prep School

School Board Members

Madeline Burke - Chair/Governance Committee

Antoinette Gomes - Vice-Chair/Governance Committee

Chandra Dash - Finance Committee

Dr. Magdalena Andres - Education Committee

Tiwalola Oloyede - Education Committee

TeLisa Richardson - Education Committee

LaTanya Monteiro - RIC Liaison

Michael Abney - Finance Committee

Jill van Leesten - Education Committee

Kas DeCarvalho- Legal Counsel

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