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Curriculum at SouthSide Elementary​

Go Math!

We have adopted the Go Math! Program by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for our math curriculum.  This rigorous, research-based program is fully aligned to the Common Core State Standards. GO Math! meets students and teachers on their math journey, raising student achievement scores and supporting teachers along the way. Go Math! provides a comprehensive approach and engages all students with cross-platform technology. It helps teachers to differentiate instruction, building and reinforcing foundational math skills that translate from the classroom to real life.


Reading Street

Reading Street 2013 Common Core nurtures readers and writers by laying the foundation for college and career readiness and inspires student confidence with differentiated materials to personalize instruction. Your child will be motivated to learn with engaging, interactive resources, and they will build knowledge with literature that develops their vocabulary and comprehension.

Social Studies

Our Social Studies Curriculum is aligned to the Rhode Island Grade Span Expectations.  Social Studies is also integrated into the other content areas and taught through an experiential and project-based approach.  We are mindful about tailoring our instruction to our students' unique learning modalities.


Our Science Curriculum is aligned to the Rhode Island Grade Span Expectations.  Science is also integrated into the other content areas and taught through an experiential and project-based learning methodology.  We are mindful about tailoring our instruction to our students' unique learning modalities.

2nd Step

Second Step helps students continue to develop their social-emotional skills. Students are taught how to understand and manage their emotions, control their reactions, be aware of others’ feelings,have the skills to problem-solve, and make responsible decisions to set them on the path for social success and academic readiness. 

Blended Learning Model

All of our classrooms are equip with an interactive smart board, Chromebooks, and iPads helping to enhance the learning of all students. Our educators use these tools to support a student-centered environment in creating a learning experience whereby the learner interacts with other students, with the instructor, and with content through thoughtful integration of online and face-to-face collaboration.

Luck Calkins Writing

Lucy Calkins’ Units of Study in Writing uses a workshop model to build students’ proficiency in writing across the genres of Opinion/Argument, Information, and Narrative Writing.  It is built on best practices and aligned to Common Core Standards.  This structure for writing workshop was developed and refined by Lucy Calkins and her TCRWP colleagues over decades of research and work with thousands of teachers in classrooms across the country and around the world. Their process of continuous fine-tuning and improvement has yielded units with the perfect combination of whole-class, small-group, and one-on-one instruction, along with ample opportunities for independent practice.

It consists of a predictable 5-Part workshop framework:

  • Each day students meet on the rug for a mini-lesson focused on a specific strategy or skill.

  • The students are then sent to practice the strategy in their own independent writing.

  • As students work, the teacher “conferences” with them and leads small groups.

  • Partway through independent work time, the teacher stands and delivers a mid-workshop teaching point.

  • The workshop ends with students eagerly sharing their work.


Benefits of a Workshop Model include:

  • Follows a simple and predictable routine

  • All students can access the curriculum

  • Focus on student choice of topics that are interesting and relevant to them

  • Provides direct, explicit instruction of skills and strategies

  • Helps students develop habits of real writers

  • Builds stamina by providing long stretches of time for students to write

  • Increases independence

  • Allows for reflection

  • Encourages the acceptance of feedback

  • Creates a supportive community of writers

  • Assessments identify strengths and areas for improvement

  • Focus is on personal growth, rather than mastery

  • Improved confidence and self-esteem

Teaching & Learning at SouthSide Elementary​


SouthSide Elementary Charter School provides a personalized school experience for students in small groups and individualized instruction that takes place in a small school setting where each student is engaged and motivated. Differentiated instruction meets individual student needs, and there is an emphasis on social and emotional development as well as academic achievement. We are committed to helping students set goals, work hard, meet challenges, and help others which will develop a collaborative and respectful community leading students to success in school and in life.

SouthSide Elementary will help its students build a strong foundation for college and community leadership through:

  • A rigorous curriculum

  • High expectations for academic and social success

  • Safe, supportive environment in a small school setting

  • An extended school day, from 7:45 am. to 4:15 pm. and an extended school year, 190 days

  • Extensive parent outreach

  • Small group instruction combined with computer-assisted instruction

  • Cooperative learning

  • Data driven instruction

  • Intensive tutoring to remediate or enrich

  • Community involvement and community service

Service Learning

SouthSide Elementary is dedicated in fostering an community of  service-learning as an approach to teach and learn in which students use academic knowledge and skills to understand community needs. We seek to combine learning goals and community service in ways that enhance both student growth and the common good.

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